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Oct. 5th, 2014 08:29 pm
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Several years ago, my family went to eat at Charleston's. It was me, Mariah, my brother Nick, his then-girlfriend, and Mom and Dad. Charleston's puts their specials on a chalkboard when you first walk in. Usually, the server also repeats the specials to the table. Either this server failed to do so, or else Dad didn't hear (it was long before his cochlear implant for his right ear, he was deaf in that ear most of my life). The server was taking orders, and Dad was last.

Dad: "I'll have the Boz steak."

Server: uncomfortable confusion. "Which steak?"

Dad: "The Boz steak. It's on your special board."

Server: uncomfortable confusion, then awkward realization. "Sir, the special is an 8 oz. steak."

Dad: awkward realization. "OH! OK, I'll take that."

Since then, the Boz steak has been a recurring joke whenever we would eat at Charleston's. Mostly, it's my brother's joke. I actually forgot about the incident and Nick had to remind me the next time he joked about it.

Today, I went to the store and they had a special on 8 oz. boneless ribeye. I was like "The Boz steak!" I got one and cooked it for dinner, and made a red wine vinaigrette with fresh thyme, then made a salad with some spring greens. I took a picture of it, and texted Nick and Dad "The grocery store had Boz steak on sale!"

Dad got a kick out of it.
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