Feb. 20th, 2013

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This one is hard. I do very few things EVERY day. My weekend routine is so different from my weekday routine.

1. Shower or bathe
I shower most days. I take baths sometimes on the weekend or in the evening, but most mornings start with a shower. I like to run the water fully hot for a minute or so to warm the tub and create some steam (especially since there's a window with no blinds in the shower). I like to put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the hot water and breathe the steam for a few seconds to clear my sinuses. I use Dr. Bronner's almond soap and Neutrogena Clearly Natural face bar. Shampoo and conditioner vary.

2. Shave
I started shaving wetshaving a year or two ago, and now I like to shave. It still feels like a chore when I'm trying to get ready in the morning, but on the weekend I love taking a long time with it and getting a good, close shave. I have a few double-edge razors and a straight razor, a silvertip badger brush, a pure badger brush, and a boar bristle brush, and a variety of shaving creams and soaps. After showering, I rub the face with glycerin, make lather, re-wash with Dr. Bronners, and shave. I use an alum block after shaving, rinse that off with cold water, and finish with alcohol-free witch hazel. Sometimes I wear Creed Royal English Leather cologne.

3. Put on a suit
Just on weekdays. I like clothes well enough, but putting on a suit in a hurry is frustrating. Too many buttons and shit. I'm usually running late by the time I am getting dressed, so the clothes that require extra steps--vested suits, cufflinks, etc.--don't get as much use as the basics.

4. Shoes
I wear shoes every day. I cannot, offhand, remember a day that I went barefoot all day. I wear dress shoes for work, and when I'm not at work, I'm usually wearing boots. I love boots. I wear cowboy boots, harness boots, chelsea boots, LL Bean boots when it's wet or snowy, rubber work boots when I'm working in the mud, whatever. I wore the same pair of Dr Martens almost every day from 1995 to 2005; the soles were totally smooth when I finally retired them.

5. Cats
I love my furry little friends. Unless I'm out of town, I feed, pet, and snuggle frequently. There's a cat laying on my arm while I'm typing this.

6. Consume caffeinated beverages
I'm an irish breakfast tea guy at heart, but I live in a coffee world. There's coffee at court (with a coffee fund jar), and free coffee at the office, so I mostly drink that. At home, I make tea or espresso with a moka pot.

7. Drive
I live in a car culture, and participate more than I would like, but I do like driving. I have always driven a stick, and have never owned a vehicle without a manual transmission. I commute, and even if I wanted to take public transport to work, my job is too travel-intensive. I have to get to court, then to the office, then to depositions, and generally everywhere. I bounce around the state, going to lawyers' offices, doctors' offices, and courthouses. I spend as many waking hours in the car as in my house, for sure.

8. Sleep
I love sleep, and value it tremendously. I attribute all my academic successes to a dedication to sleep; I always recognized that I'm better when I am rested than when I stay up late studying. I like to snuggle with Mariah and my cats when I sleep, but I get really hot at night, so I'm often on the edge of the bed. I cannot get to sleep without covers over me, though.
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It took a long time for me to appreciate flowers. Cut flowers, I always thought why enjoy something I bought to die in a jar? Living flowers, I always thought why plant something you can't eat? I've grown to enjoy flowers more in the last few years. Most of my favorites are still flowers that I encounter growing, not cut flowers. Ones you can eat still get bonus points.

1. Wisteria
2. Magnolia
3. Crepe Myrtle
4. Passionflower
5. Xenia (Zinnia, apparently. I always assumed the name came from the Greek word for hospitality, like Xenia, Ohio, but apparently they're just named after a dude named Zinn. Disappointing.)
6. Morning Glory
7. Indian Paintbrush
8. Indian Blanket
9. Apple Blossom
10. Poppy
11. Chrysanthemum
12. Redbud
13. Squash Blossom
14. Bluebonnet
15. Daffodil
16. Iris
17. Mimosa


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